Groaning Earth

Fort Dunstane: A Cold Welcome

The Heroes Gather

In one of Fort Dunstane’s strangest days, a number of outsiders appeared in town. No sooner had they appeared, then the town’s farms came under attack by large insects that burst from the ground.

After defeating the insects, the new heroes are accused of being the reason the insects appeared. Their main accuser is Gisborne Aurin, the gnome leader of the Merchants’ Guild. They are defended by Beorn Greatspirit, another member of the Merchants’ Guild, who was the one that called them in their dream.

Beorn attempts to answer their questions but tells them time is of the essence and offers them two items: a bag of gold and a glowing stone that will lead them to Beorn’s old temple.

The heroes take him up on the offer and escape out a tunnel in Beorn’s office.

The tunnel leads to the edge of the Northern Woods inhabited by elves that distrust Fort Dunstane. The heroes decide to follow the direct path the stone through the woods instead of going around…


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