Groaning Earth

The Forgotten Hall

Beorn's Temple

After completing their tasks in the Northern Wood, the group presses on toward Beorn’s temple following the glowing stone. They pass confused guards with rising suns emblazoned on their chests and rush toward the temple.

The find the Forgotten Hall and make their way inside. They briefly explore and realize they were followed by the guards. They play it safe and wait for the guards to leave. Then, they explore in earnest. The Forgotten Hall has a few places of note:

The Speaker: a statue in the entrance to the Forgotten Hall that holds and relies messages

The Library: seemingly small at first, but one can request any book by name and if it has ever been stored in the library, a copy of it will be produced

The Armory: a nearly infinite storage space that can summon any item stored within it

Reginald: a living statue that runs the training gambit, a room that can match any desired challenge to test a heroes skill

Aside from the above, the temple also has a non-denominational devotional area, beds, a small kitchen, and a study in the library.

The heroes took a rest and did some training and reading. Then they were finally met by Beorn who filled them in briefly on the coup in Dunstane and pointed them in the direction of the town of Morning Crest as the next stop to get answers…


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