Groaning Earth

The Northern Wood

Bugs, Ambush, and Murder Most Foul

The heroes were stopped on the way into the wood by elven archers. They declared that outsiders were not welcome due to recent events with Dunstane. After a brief skirmish and standoff, it was determined that as allies of Beorn they would be granted passage through the woods. The elves also let it be known that they were missing two of their own in the wood, Arathis, their lead sentry and general, and Rigel Sarin, a former Merchant’s Guild leader who had disappeared into the wood five years ago.

The heroes decided to help them locate these two in exchange for shortcuts through the wood. First they looked for Arathis. They are guided by the elven sentry Baracus. The group finds Arathis wounded and surrounded by large praying mantis and many of the same insects they fought in Dunstane. After saving Arathis, they are thanked by Baracus who stays behind to tend to Arathis.

The heroes are given another choice to continue on to the temple which Beorn told them to find, or to help locate Rigel. They decide to help find Rigel and a disgruntled elven sentry named Lyonus guides them this time. During the search, Lyonus ambushes the heroes who overcome him. They find a letter from Gisborne that states any such group working for Beorn is working against the elves. The heroes drag his unconcious body along and when the find the temple where Rigel was last seen, they use him to detonate all booby traps. After a search and some meditation, Rigel’s body is found under a collapsed column. Some excellent perception rolls allow the heroes to learn that he was stabbed at a low angle and find fancy blue silk torn at the site. Signs point to Gisborne’s involvement.

The heroes bring Rigel back to the elves Sylvan Hall and report their findings. They then finally head out to Beorn’s temple…


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