Groaning Earth

The Shared Dream

Finally, after years of trying I have done it. The dream has found its dreamers. I can feel the echo of it still…

The ground heaves beneath my feet. It splits open and insects and terrors pour out. I search for a stable patch of earth and find myself running. In the distance, I see a town and step toward it. I find myself in Dunstane. To the east and the west, I can feel others approaching. I know they can help. I call out to them and make my voice as loud as I can. I change the dream and place myself in the skies. I call out, “Dunstane! To Dunstane as fast as the winds allow. You are needed…hurry!”

This time I feel their presence. I know they hear the dream. I send my image and that of Dunstane. I’ve done all I can. Sharing the dream is easy for a warden of my skill, but I cannot make them answer the call. I can only hope. The earth groans…impatient…restless…what is coming?


a_wiley_coyote a_wiley_coyote

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