Beorn Greatspirit

Dwarven warden and founder of the newest adventuring party in Terras


180 year old Male dwarf with grey eyes and long grey hair and beard known to the town as Beorn. Wears simple clothes and carries a stout oak staff. Druid of the Moon.


Not much is known of Beorn’s past outside of Dunstane. Legend has it that he is a former adventurer who traveled the continent and found a home in Dunstane away from his fame and former life.

His true reason was to set up an outpost to that was along ley lines that allowed him contact with his druidic sect. They believe that an ancient threat is rising and believe that a certain group of heroes will be responsible for its defeat. Believing the heroes would come to Dunstane, he helped the town make peace with the surrounding wildlands and their people.Beorn makes frequent trips to check in with other members of his sect.

He has grown fond of Dunstane and maintains the peace and is known as the town’s greatest philanthropist. He was named a Merchants’ Guild leader in absentee and a seat always remained open for him at the Merchants’ Circle.

Most recently, he has attempted to share dreams with those fated to help him. This year, he received an answer. When he returns to Dunstane to greet the heroes, he finds them and himself accused of betraying the town.

He has now left Dunstane behind and is assisting his new charges in investigating the strange happenings around Dunstane.

Beorn Greatspirit

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