Gisborne Aurin

Current Master Merchant (formerly guild leader) of Dunstane


A 40 year old tall gnome (4.5 feet) with dark and wavy hair and a thin black mustache. Wears the finest clothes he can find in the caravan routes


Formerly a secretary do the Merchants’ guild for two years, Gisborne gained his position as a guild leader when Rigel Sarin stepped down amid tensions with the elves. For five years, Gisborne served as a leader of the Merchants’ Guild. He openly espoused moving away from dealing with the local traders found in the gnome marsh and the elven woods, and he secured a deal with Morning Crest. He also began hiring in guards from a new group calling themselves the Nova Sollum. Recently, the village came under attack and many blamed the old dwarven warden Beorn and group of outsiders for the attacks. Evidence linked Beorn and his group to the attacks and a trial was called. During the chaos of Beorn’s trial and disappearance of the outsiders, Gisborne successfully petitioned for more consolidated power in Fort Dunstane. He is now the defacto governor with the mantle Master Merchant.

Gisborne Aurin

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