Martin Brand

Recently retired Merchants' Guild leader


80 year old human male. Short, pudgy, and bald with a large white mustache.


Martin has served on the guild for 40 years. He is…or rather was the best negotiator for contracts with caravans. He made his living farming and working as a caravan helper to and from the port of Marasur. He learned many trade secrets and eventually started working as an accountant and guild secretary to Ranna Corser. When the previous Guild Merchant, Ranna Corser, retired, she appointed Martin in her place and he has served ever since. Recently, rumors have spread that Martin should retire himself. Others say that maybe his job and position could be done by Gisborne (the same rumors say the council should be one person).

Now after the upheaval and Gisborne’s new appointment. Martin is beginning to wonder if there is anything left in Dunstane for him…

Martin Brand

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