Tremaine, Gregor

Human, former leader in the Merchants' Guild


Gregor Tremaine is a 50 year old human male. Tall and broad shouldered with shortly cropped salt and pepper hair.


Gregor grew up in Fort Dunstane and left to earn his fortune as a soldier in Morning Crest. He received training and worked his way up to a personal guard for the High Steppes of Morning Crest. About 10 years ago, he left when a new army came recruiting and many of his former charges and leaders left for the money they could offer. He returned to Dunstane and donated some of his fortune to help bolster the town and was elected into the Merchant’s Guild. He has been key in building the guardship and training them. When the attacks started earlier in the year, he was key in defending the town. He distrusts Gisborne and has always been curious about Beorn who he remembers from when he was a child.

Recently, he “retired” from the Merchant’s Guild being strongly encouraged by Gisborne. He no longer has ties to the guardship which is now exclusively a posting of Nova Sollum soldiers. He is not happy about any of this.

Tremaine, Gregor

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